Today, we are inundated with stories of not only overnight stars and their success but also of bullies getting their way and lapse of ethical leadership which is eroding the trust of people in one another.

We believe that as human beings, we can be kind and creative, but if we do not trust we create barriers. Barriers due to an absence of trust create miscommunications which lead to unproductive and unprofitable work.

As technology providers, we create all our processes to build trust. We ask our clients to trust us as technologists and we trust them in guiding us in what will provide them, the most business value.

Building a custom solution for a client is highly dependent on people and being a human is all about trust. But we, humans, are suspicious of what we do not understand, so at TangoCode we strive to make technology something people can understand and therefore can trust.

Everything we do at TangoCode is to build trust and to break down barriers starting from our values.

Our Values

We are a small company, and we are all about values.
We hold our values very dear, they define who we are.

If you are going to work with TangoCode, you will have to like diversity. We proudly count the different countries we represent, we celebrate our different cultures, we joke about and protect our accents. Our different origins and backgrounds create a diversity in thought and perspective which is reflected in how we use technology and it becomes our advantage in solving complex problems.

The human experience is at the core of everything we do, we believe that there is nothing you should do just for the sake of technology. To create the best experiences for our clients we strive to understand their needs, business, and goals. This is only achieved by creating collaborative relationships built on trust.

We are constantly striving to be more innovative in the way we deliver value to our clients. As an independent, bootstrapped company we take our commitments personally and strive to create the best environment for the professional growth of our teams, problem-solving, and a great client experience.

Redefining Custom

The values at the core of our culture have inspired us to redefine the custom development experience and in doing so create solutions that deliver greater value at an accelerated speed to market. We offer custom development services for web and mobile applications supported by a proprietary set of process and building blocks that allow us to redefine the custom development experience.

Our projects start with a process called Inception. During Inception, we strive to connect the technology investment with business value. If there is not a business case, a top line revenue opportunity, bottom line savings, a market share opportunity, or reshaping of a positioning, we don’t want to be involved in building it. Inception ensures a project tied to business value and provides guides to keep the project tied to that mission throughout development.

We respect our client’s investment and are acutely aware we are spending their money, so we create processes that make that clear and easy to control. We consider our clients to be our partners and are committed to bringing real transformation to their businesses.

With the purpose of accelerating the creation of custom software while maximizing the value delivered we have created building blocks. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel for each project because that does not create value for our clients. For this reason, we create reusable development components that can be applied to all projects. Having these building blocks allows us to focus on building what makes each client and their platform unique.  

If we want businesses to be able to achieve their dreams, and we know that nothing “fits like custom”, our mission is to be the enablers at the speed our clients need.


So, if you reach this point in the article, I would like to ask you to think about how you use technology in your company.  Are the right processes set in place and are you working with the right partners that empower you to trust the process? Because believe me, trust increases productivity and accelerates innovation.